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When Hiring a Tiling Contractor, Sometimes a minor mistake could become the eyesore on the wall or the floor or the tile of the bath. For instance, a tile misplaced will throw off the line of pattern and grout, rendering the error glaring. Worse, it is costly, frustrating and messy to repair a botched tiling job, particularly if water has leaked through the grout and damaged framing, ceilings, and walls. That’s why it is essential to hire the right tiling contractor and seasoned professional and ensure that the job is correct the first time. Also, some applications may require specialty tile, edging, grout, adhesive and backboards.

Photo of our kitchen tiling job done in Bendigo with backsplash tiles

Selecting The Best Tiler

I visited a local café recently refurbishing the client’s toilet area with fresh tiling and upgraded fittings and fixtures. To the dismay of the owner, it looked all terrible, when it was supposed to be a lovely room. Even a minor mistake in the tiling of the floor or wall will stand out like a sore thumb and become an eyesore, and you see every time you enter the bathroom.

Inaccurate measurements and tile cuts, grout lines of varying widths and unequally placed tiles ruin a room’s entire appearance and much worse than bad design. A bad tiling job is costly to fix as well as damaging a home or business. It’s why it’s so vital to select the right tiling contractor to help your tiling dream come true. The work of a tiler is always noticeable and can make your bathroom improvement very unique when completed correctly.

Tips To Select The Best Tiling Contractor

Choose a Professional

It’s probably not a good thing to hire a “son of a friend” who tiles a few bathrooms on the side. To start with, they don’t have a license that tends to leave you with no security when anything goes wrong.

Furthermore, it’s questionable that they’ve got the experience and expertise to give you the outcome you’re looking to achieve. Hire a professional, skilled licensed tiling contractor if you’d like a good tiling job and a fantastic result to your new bathroom.

Pick Someone Who Listens

A skilled tiler should listen to what you want to see what the outcome should be and make recommendations to assist you in making an informed decision. Such proposals can relate to the size and quality of the tiles to lay. As far as when and how to use these tiles to fit the size of the room. Such recommendations can relate to the quantity and quality of the tiles to lay. As far as when and how to use the tiles.

Check For Experience And Background

Like some other tradies, tilers are building their business by doing excellent work continuously, and almost all of their work comes from referrals and recommendations from different trades and previous clients.

Request To See Previous Projects Photos

Better still inquire to see some of the recent projects that they have completed.

Check The Website Of The Tiler

Most tiling services these days have a website highlighting their work. Would that be useful and up-to-date? Reviews posted by previous customers and what their perception was. The web is a high starting point at all times.

Signs Of A Professional Tiler

Kitchen tiling job photo taken in Bendigo with white backsplash tiles

Check for proper spacing and straight grout lines when you look at a finished tiling job. A better tiler can calculate and work from the centre of a room, making it the same size for cutting tiles around the area. Check for small cut tiles. A right tiling contractor should be able to eliminate small pieces in the room.


Don’t be like the manager of the café I visited, who paid well for a poor job. After doing some research, recruit an expert that you trust.

At Bendigo Tiling we’ve seen a bunch of poor tiling, and we’ve even repaired a lot of these. We have over 20 years of work experience in all forms of commercial and domestic tiling. We would appreciate tiling your bathroom or project and provide the perfect finish you deserve . Give us a call, and we’ll show you the Bendigo Tiling difference. Call us at 0490 286 418 or email us at [email protected].

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