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Wall tiles are an excellent feature in the house because they make the surface water-resistant, durable, and stylish. They are ideal for your backsplashes, kitchens, bathrooms, and shower walls. 

The market offers a wide range of tiles such as porcelain, ceramic, natural stones, metal, and glass materials, among others. 

Floor tiles have been in use for decades but not wall tiles. However, design innovations have led to the explosion of shapes, sizes, styles, and colours, thus opening up the tile market. 

The article will tell you about different Bendigo wall tiling, their pros, and cons, as well as how you can install them. 

Bathroom wall tiling job done in Bendigo with white porcelain wall tiles

The Difference between Wall and Floor Tile  

There are several differences between wall and floor tiles, as shown below. 

Wall tile weighs less than floor tiles. They are thin and light, thus easy to install. The Bendigo wall tiling has more decorative patterns and detailed textures. 

On the other hand, floor tiles are sturdier and thicker because they are designed to withstand foot traffic. These tiles have less detailed texture than the wall tiles.  

While wall tiles are thinner and not the ideal option for flooring treatment, floor tiles can be installed on the walls. This depends on their weight and size. Functionality is the priority in floor tiles, while appearance dominates in the wall tiles. 

You can consult Bendigo Tiling and Waterproofing when purchasing floor tiles on the walls because several factors are considered when preparing for the wall treatment.   

Different Types of Wall Tiles  

All tiles are not the same as most homeowners believe. They are significant differences between natural stone tiles, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. Still, one type is superior to the majority. The following are the ideal tiles for your walls. 

Natural Stone Tile  

These tiles create a luxuriant look in your kitchen and bathroom. The offers gorgeous colour patterns and variations which are in high demand. 

The most popular natural stones are limestone, granite, slate, marble, travertine, and more. These costly Bendigo wall tiling options are classic and a better choice when you have a flexible budget.   

However, these tiles require frequent maintenance compared to porcelain and ceramic tiles. For instance, they need to be sealed regularly to improve their practical functionality and retain their beauty. 

Ceramic Tile  

The tile is made of a mixture of clay and water, shaped into tiles, dried, and fired in a kiln at higher temperatures. They are also glazed to make them waterproof. On the other hand, unglazed ceramic tiles are popular due to their natural look. However, they are water-resistant but not waterproof. 

Porcelain Tile 

It’s an upgrade or a denser version of ceramic. The tile is made of clay and water mixture. To make it dense than the ceramic, the clay is made of kaolin, feldspar, and quartz. 

Wall Tile Sizes 

Subway/Rectangular Tiles  

Rectangular tiles have a wide range of sizes, such as subway tiles and larger planks. The subway tiles can be as small as 25 mm  X 75 mm or a more significant size which is 100mm X 400 mm. You can pick the smaller tiles for the backsplash and the larger ones for the shower wall to minimize the number of grout to clean. 

Mosaic Tiles 

These are tiny tiles that are available in sizes such as 10mm  to 50mm. They can be thin strips of tiles, circles, or squares and are mostly installed in showers, backsplashes, and other places that require a tile accent. 

Large Format Tiles  

It’s a tile with one edge measuring 400″ and above. This Bendigo wall tiling has become popular in recent years because a single tile can cover more surface area, which translates to less grout to clean. 

The large version makes your bathroom appear more significant, and you can achieve this further by orienting large-format rectangles vertically to create the sense that the room is taller. 

Plank Shaped Tiles 

These are tiles with a wood look and have a different size variation. Wide planks are now trending, and you can find a plank tile measuring 150mm X 600mm or 300mm X 1200mm. 

Square Tiles  

These tiles have a wide range of sizes, such as 50mm to 600mm. The best Bendigo wall tiles should be 150 mm or more. They are easier to lay than larger sizes; thus, most classic tiled walls have standard size square tiles.   

The Best Locations for Wall Tiles 

Accent Wall

You can install tiles in any room of your home. That means you can spice up the entryway using accent wall tiles or give your living room a touch of personality.  


Tiles are installed to protect walls in the kitchen next to a sink or cooking area against water and hazards of cooking. They are mostly available in tile sheets to simplify the process of installation.  


You can upgrade the entire bathroom by installing tiles, either partially or the entire room. This Bendigo wall tiling creates patterns and adds colour instead of having a bland white bathroom. 

Bathroom wall tiling job done in Bendigo with fish scale pattern wall tiles

Glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles are waterproof, thus the perfect option for wet areas such as your shower. 


You can install tiles on the entire kitchen walls instead of focusing on backsplash only. This will give you a stylish and durable kitchen, which is one of the busiest spaces in the house.   

Pros of Wall Tiles  


Wall tiles are versatile and allow you to determine the shape, size, colour finish, and pattern. You can create any design or style with wall tiles than you would do with floor tiles. 


Wall tiles are glazed to give them new designs to reflect the market’s latest trends. Thus, they are printed and shaped to resemble anything like wood or natural stone.  


Ceramic and porcelain tiles can withstand bumps and scrapes that walls experience. They are durable and scratch-resistant.  


The glazed tiles option is entirely waterproof and ideal for the walls in wet places such as backsplashes, kitchen, showers, and bathrooms. 


Challenging to Install

Wall tiles have unique challenges that are experienced, particularly during installation. These tiles can slip down after installation before their mortar is entirely dry. For that reason, you should contact an installation expert. 


Although tiles are durable, easy to clean, waterproof, and stain-resistant. These advantages come with a heftier price tag compared to painting your wall. Thus, you can spice up your home using Bendigo wall tiling options but at a cost.  

You can contact Bendigo Tiling and Waterproofing for more information regarding different Bendigo wall tiling selections in the market. These experts are experienced in Bathroom renovations, waterproofing, pool tiling, shower repairs, wall, and floor tiling

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