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Ceramic tiles are the popular tiles in most homes for they are suitable in virtually every room. For instance, you can use them in high traffic areas like the living room, kitchen, bathroom and corridor. 

Ceramic tiles are the best floor tiling Bendigo has. They are an impressive decoration for the walls in your bathroom and kitchen. However, these tiles have specific parameters that you should consider before buying and installing them in your house.   

The article will consider the use of ceramic tiles on the floor as well as their benefits.

Bathroom floor tiling job done in Bendigo with concrete finish tiles
I had the privilege of photographing a recently renovated apartment on the Cape Coast and this is an image of an en-suite bathroom lit by it’s skylight.

Ceramic Tiles for the Floors 

The most critical parameter to contemplate when buying the floor tiles is not their design but their technical characteristics. It would help if you felt comfortable when stepping on these tiles. The following are the essential features that you should pay attention to first.  

Anti-slip Properties 

It’s a crucial parameter because it touches on your safety. For that reason, when selecting your bathroom tiles safety should be your priority. R9-R13 are symbols used when determining the anti-slip properties of a tile. The higher the value, the less slippery they are and the lower the number, the more slippery they are. Therefore, you can install R10 tiles on the floor near an entrance or the door of your house.  

Glazed Vs. Unglazed Tiles 

The use of glazed tiles has grown in recent years in both indoor and outdoor flooring applications. There are the best floor tiling Bendigo has because they have excellent performance characteristics like high resistance to bending, abrasion and hardness. Further, glazed ceramic tiles have a low absorbability thus suitable in wet areas.   

These tiles have a semi-polished, matte and lappato finishes. Thus tile glazing allows them to have many visual effects as well as accommodate different kinds of graphics on the surface of the tile.  

Unglazed tiles, on the other hand, are resistant to mechanical factors, thus mostly used in commercial areas. These tiles can now be used in living quarters as a result of the modern interior trends influence. Like the glazed counterpart, the unglazed tiles have polished, matte and structural surfaces. 

They are used in dense traffic areas due to their resistant to mechanical factors. That means that unglazed tiles are not easily affected by chemicals, don’t crack easily even when heavy objects fall on them and are abrasion-resistant. 

Both glazed and unglazed tiles can be applied in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.  

Frost Resistance  

It would help if you considered this parameter when selecting tiles for your outdoor surfaces such as balconies, terraces and stairs. Such tiles can also be installed on the cellar and hall rooms because they are resistant to water and moisture. 

Abrasion Resistance  

The PEI is used to measure how a glazed tile is fairing in terms of its resistance to surface abrasion. Tiles with a high PEI number have a more excellent abrasion resistance. Thus, choose a reasonably lower PEI for a living room and a higher PEI for high-traffic areas like the kitchen and the hall.  

Shades of Tiles 

Ceramic tiles have slightly different shades despite being from the same collection. Both glazed and unglazed tiles have different tones. Some of the floor tiling Bendigo suppliers use alphanumeric codes to differentiate these shades. Therefore, you should pay attention to the tiles shade markings appearing on the packaging when selecting tiles for your home indoor and outdoor floor installation.   

The Benefits of Ceramic Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor tiling job done in Bendigo with ceramic floor tiles

As stated, ceramic tiles are the best floor tiling Bendigo has. These flooring materials are durable for you to do it once, especially when done right. This is particularly true when you use glazed tiles which can last for generations. These are easy to maintain, even when built outdoors where they are exposed to harsh weather conditions like UV rays and cold, they won’t fade easily.


Ceramic tiles are down-to-earth floor tiling Bendigo has for home improvement technology. These tiles are versatile, easy to maintain and serve as a water-proof barrier when used in the bathroom walls.  The ceramic flooring is easy to clean for you need to sweep, wash or vacuum it. Thus, tiles require routine cleaning and occasional sealing but no special maintenance. 


Tiles should be an integral part of your property for they are the best floor tiling Bendigo has. The material has standard sizes and patterns that keep the home updated. Therefore, with a careful selection, tiles can protect the walls and floor of your home. Tiles have diverse finishes, styles, colours, sizes, shapes, textures. They can be installed in different designs, thus enhancing the aesthetic value of your home. 

Additionally, you can easily replace a tile that has cracked or chipped without altering the design. You can repair it yourself or invite Bendigo Tiling and Waterproofing to do it for you.  

Environment Friendly  

Unglazed or unglazed ceramic is the topmost floor tiling Bendigo recommends for your home because they are dense. Mites, microbes and microorganisms cause allergies, but they don’t thrive in tiled surfaces because they are nonporous and easy to clean. Therefore tiles are not harmful to the health.   

The ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly. They don’t emit toxins to the environment. They can be disposed of as building wastes during a renovation. 

The fact that they are environmental compatible makes them more durable, and with proper maintenance, they can continue to look terrific for decades. 

Increases Home Value 

The reason why ceramic tiles are ranked as the superior floor tiling Bendigo has is that it increases your home value. Thus if you’re renovating your home intending to put it in the market, then you should consider installing ceramic tiles on the floor, walls and create splashback. This will raise the resale value.  

Hire tiling experts for your home renovation. Bendigo Tiling and Waterproofing has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in addressing your tiling needs. They will install your bathroom and kitchen, backsplashes, walls and floors tiles at a reasonable cost.

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