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Mosaic tiles are made from glass, porcelain, and natural stone. They are available in different shapes like hexagonal, square, or round and measure 10×10mm and 30×30mm.

Use these tiles to create artistic effects and stunning patterns in various places in your house. These tiles create an exotic feel and have a considerable impact on the area they are installed.

Therefore, mosaic tiles are like a piece of jewellery that alters an outfit and transforms its look. You can use these tiles which are available in different colours and textures give your wall or floor a beautiful finish.

Bathroom tiling job we completed in Bendigo with mosaic tiles

6 Places you can decorate with Mosaic Tiles
Living Room:

These tiles can be used to update the walls and floors of the house, decorate your furniture, or accessorize the living room. You can use mosaic tiles to decorate the fireplace and accent the wall design.


Use mosaic tiles to create eye-catching wall décor in the bathroom. Thus, instead of using ordinary tiles, you can use these tiles to cover the entire wall to create a cohesive interior design. You can paint the wall white and then use these tiles on the countertop of the bathroom sink or around the structure on which the washbasin is placed. Further, these tiles can be used on the floor of the bathroom or the walls of the shower.


Use mosaic tiles to cover the wall-mounted cabinets and countertop. They can be used to cover the whole upper wall of the kitchen or use mosaic tiles around the windows, doors, or in critical places. You can create an island in your kitchen if it’s spacious enough and then decorate it using these tiles.

Outdoor Designs:

You can use mosaic tiles to make your patio more visually appealing and exciting. Thus, apply bright coloured mosaic tiles with different patterns on the patio floor. Further, you can customize the area using pebble mosaics to give it a cozy look.

Use these tiles to decorate the seating area of your patio. Another idea is to create a beach-style landscape using big pavers and plant grass between the stones. More so, you can create a gastropod shell by arranging the tiles in a spiral shape around the firepot.

Outdoor tiling job done in Bendigo with mosaic tiles

Fence: Use mosaic tiles on your concrete walls to give it a more exciting look.

Mosaic Planters: Mosaic tiles can be used to add texture and colour to your garden or yard. Therefore, cover your planters with mosaic tiles to make them appealing.

Tips on How You Can Apply the Art of Mosaic in Your Interiors
Consider the Space

Mosaics are used to create texture that adds dimension and depth to space. The goal is to elevate your design scheme and challenge the eye. Although the material can be used literally in any wall, the mosaic tiles style is best on bathrooms, kitchens, and mudroom walls. Therefore, use these tiles to elevate the aesthetic and durability of walls in high-traffic spaces. You can add traction and grip of your shower using these tiles. Use them on the bathroom walls because they are harder to clean and require more grout. Ceilings are often forgotten areas in the bathroom; thus, you use mosaics to add visual interest.

Type of Tiles

Although mosaic is an ancient art, it can be used to add a sprinkle of luxury and enhance the interiors of your home. You can use flat-grip glazed porcelain in high traffic areas or use it in the pool areas to create an extra slip resistance. Use it to decorate the countertops and furniture besides the poolscapes and shower area. The trendy diamonds, hexagons, and wheels are the best shapes to bring intriguing dynamics in your house.

Get Creative

You can use tiles in a large format to showcase a fireplace area or a bar backsplash. Try adding a herringbone mosaic tile to a mudroom floor. Further, use a contrasting grout colour across the wall to create a gorgeous fabric drape.

Tell Your Story

Mosaic is a historically-rooted form of decoration that is used to accessorize the contemporary interiors. You can create an indirect relationship with light and mosaics. That means you can create light and shadow across the tiles. The technique is used on the feature wall or skylight in a spa bathroom as well as the bottom of pools. Therefore, use glass mosaic tiles to pull indirect light in a light-traffic area.

Major Pros of Mosaic Tiles
  1. Adds beauty to your home: Mosaic tiles make your rooms more beautiful and elegant if installed correctly. Use different types of these tiles to create unique designs.
  2. Mosaic tiles are easy to clean and maintain: Thus, it’s easy to see when they are dusty or have accumulated dirt. The glass tiles are resistant to stains, mould, and chemical damages.
  3. Extremely durable: Mosaic tiles can last longer than other tile flooring materials that are used on the floor or walls because they are resistant to cracking.
  4. Lustrous: glass mosaic tiles glow and reflect the light instead of absorbing light.
  5. Environmentally friendly: These tiles don’t destroy the environment when compared to other tile materials. Further, half of the energy is required to produce these tiles as compared to ceramic tiles. Broken glass can be reused, and replacing the shattered tile is easy due to its disintegrating sizes.
Cons of Mosaic Tiles

1. Hard to install: These tiles are challenging to install when compared to ceramic and natural stone tiles. However, an expert from Bendigo tiling and waterproofing will help you install them to avoid ruining the surface.

2. Costly: Tiles undeniably make your home more stunning, attractive, and elegant. However, these tiles are expensive, and the price increases with quality, colours, and patterns.

3. They can be slippery: Mosaic tiles have a smooth surface when wet, especially the glass type. However, you can add non-slip throw rugs in high traffic areas to avoid accidents.


Mosaic tiles are a very grateful element for decorating your private and public spaces in your home. They are mostly used in the kitchen, bathroom, and fireplaces in the living room as well as outdoor. These tiles are available in different formats and shapes.

They are easier to arrange, and you can contact an expert to install them in difficult places. However, these tiles are costly and slippery when wet. Therefore, use rugs to prevent accidents and injuries.

If you are looking for a professional tiling contractor, please be sure to contact Bendigo Tiling & Waterproofing. You may call us also at 0490286418 or email us at [email protected]

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