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Tiling bathrooms can be an excellent project for your home and your bathroom. When you’re constructing a new home or remodelling an old house, surely project list includes tiling bathrooms. 

Choosing the right tile can have many advantages and adds significant value to your home; that is why it is essential to consider all the factors before doing a bathroom tiling project. 

Bathroom newly updated in Bendigo with almond ceramic tiles
Choose the Right Type of Bathroom Tiles 

When it comes to bathroom tiles, there are limitless choices in terms of design, shape, and size. There are a lot of tiles to choose from in the market with all types of colours, patterns, textures, and design, so it is essential to design the layout of your bathroom ahead to help you choose the right tile.

Tiles are commonly classified on the materials that compose them, and they can vary in price and quality.

Bathroom tiling job done in Bendigo with white cermaic tiles
1. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic non-porcelain tiles are one of the most popular and commonly found tiles in most people’s homes. It is also cheaper than other types of tiles. Ceramic tiles are a very versatile choice as it comes in various finishes like matt, satin, gloss and polished finishes. These tiles can stand-up to light and moderate traffic, making it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Ceramic tiles are naturally waterproofed and do not absorb water, making them a perfect waterproofing material for your bathroom. They are also very easy to clean and maintain because they do not absorb stain, making them a perfect long term option for your bathroom tiling projects. 

2. Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain tiles are a type of Ceramic tiles that have individual manufacturing processes compared to your ordinary ceramic non-porcelain tiles. They are relatively more expensive but have better durability compared to non-ceramic tiles.

They are more resistant to chipping and cracking and are more resilient to temperature changes making them perfect for big kitchens and bathrooms. Porcelain tiles are also straightforward to maintain and clean, and its hard-wearing surfaces are perfect for any bathroom tiling projects

3. Stone Tiles 

Stone tiles are the premium material of choice for bathroom tiling projects. They are from natural stones like marble, limestones, granite, and slate. Stone tiles can vary in cost depending on the quality and type of stone. Each type of stone tiles have unique properties and finishing.

Stone tiles are more expensive than to ceramic and porcelain tiles. However, they are more durable and offer a more premium finish in terms of quality and design. Due to the natural properties of natural stone, some types of stones like limestone can absorb water and can stain over time if left untreated. They also require more cleaning and maintenance compared to ordinary ceramic non-porcelain and porcelain tiles. 

Know Your Tile Ratings 
1. Tile Wear Rating 

Tile wear ratings help you determine if the tile is suitable for safe use in your home. This rating is essential to help reduce injury, especially for households with young children. Tiles are put into a standard test to determine and assess the frictional and wear characteristics of your tile. This ensures that you are installing the appropriate tile for your bathroom tiling projects. 

Wear 1: Light Duty Rating 

Tiles with Wear 1 ratings are for residential use for ensuites and bedrooms without direct access from the outside. These tiles are designed to be walked-on bare feet without abrasive dirt. 

Wear 2: Regular Duty Rating 

Wear two regular duty ratings are for tiles that are designed to be walked on with soft-soled footwear or bare feet with a minimal amount of abrasive dirt. Tiles rated with wear 2 are perfect for residential bathrooms with light or medium traffic. 

Wear 3: Medium Duty Rating 

Tiles with Wear 3 medium-duty rating are designed with small amounts of abrasive dirt suitable with regular footwear. They are perfect for general residential use like kitchens, halls, corridors, terraces, and bathrooms. 

Wear 4: Heavy Duty Rating 

Heavy Duty Rating tiles are for commercial use with regular foot traffic. They are designed for commercial kitchens and bathrooms.  

Wear 5: Extra Heavy Duty Rating 

These types of tiles are designed for heavy foot traffic. They are perfect for outdoor tilings. 

Tile Variation 

There are plenty of options and choices when it comes to bathroom tiling, and homeowners can freely choose the design, colour, and variation of their tiles. The ratings of the tiles in your bathroom are according to their variation in terms of colour, materials, and size. We recommend that homeowners should carefully plan their tile layout together with professional contractors to ensure that they are happy with the design the reduce the risk of costly redos and back jobs. 

V0: Very Uniform Appearance 

These are for bathroom tilings that have very uniform and monochromatic colours with little to no variation. 

V1: Uniform Appearance 

This rating is for bathroom tiles with uniform appearance but with slight colour variation due to different production batches or makes. 

V2: Slight Variation 

These are for bathroom tilings with apparent, distinguishable variations in texture and pattern but have the same colour tone or hue.  

V3: Moderate Variation 

These are for bathroom tilings with different colour tones and designs in a single tile.  

V4: Substantial variation 

Substantial variations are when there are random colour tones in each tile. 

There is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect tile for your bathroom tiling project. Choosing the right tile can make or break your home remodelling project that is why we recommend that you consider all the factors in before deciding on what type of tile you buy and the layout of the tiles of your bathroom.

Having a professional home contractor on-board early in your bathroom tiling project can help you plan your project through their years of experience and expertise. They help you stay on your budget and avoid the risk of delays and costly project back jobs.

If you are looking for a tiling contractor, please be sure to contact Bendigo Tiling & Waterproofing. Visit us at or email us at [email protected]

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